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Green Battery Powered from By a Plant Extract

We all are familiar with the standard lithium ion batteries which are used in a variety of appliances in our daily life. The involve use of lithium compounds an as electrode. Lithium and similar elements used in such applications are not easily available and mining and extraction of lithium consumes a lot of energy which […]

Eco-Friendly Makeup

Even if you do not consider yourself someone who is environmentally friendly, you probably do not wish to expedite the destruction of the planet, either. With the recent increase in production of eco friendly makeup, being able to differentiate between brands and choose the ones that are best for your face and the environment has […]

Harmful Effects of using Heavy Detergents

Being Eco-friendly means that you choose to stay in harmony with nature, in all your activities. Often, we tend to focus more on widely publicized ways to reduce pollution, and conserve energy. But, in our daily routine, there are many such instances where we tend to unknowingly pollute the environment,and disturb the ecological balance. Here’s […]


The waste paper from take away coffee cups is both very large and largely unnecessary. We’ve found some great alternatives, all available in Australia either online or in your local coffee shop. At home you can reduce the impact from your coffee habit with a number of eco-friendly coffee machine alternatives. KEEP CUPS A proud Australian innovation KeepCup’s are […]


Image: Tindo Solar Panel Photovoltaic solar panels where ever possible should form part of any green renovation. WHAT SIZE INSTALLATION? Residential roof mounted photovoltaic systems typically start at 1.5kW and range up to 5kW Ideally you would install a system which had an average annual production the same as your power consumption. The ATA have created Sunulator, a spreadsheet […]

Garden Mulcher

Look after your garden and buy a shredder. Put through it anything that won’t naturally breakdown quickly and then add it to your compost or use directly as mulch on your garden. Let’s think about the alternative – plants grow in your garden using nutrients from the soil, they die or you cut them down and […]

GoFar – The Money and Time Saving Driving Widget

I first met Danny the founder of Greendrive at the Founders Institute startup launch program about 2 years ago. Back then it was a “cleantech business creating new automotive technologies to increase vehicle efficiency and reduce emissions” (snooze). In layman’s terms he was building a widget that plugged into a port on your car to help you reduce your […]

Sustainable Coffee Capsule Alternatives

I have to start this article by putting my hand up and saying that I’m a Nespresso hater. It’s not just because everyone has one it’s the waste created by the capsules and the cheap appliances that will have inevitably short lives before joining their capsules in landfill. I’ve heard and subsequently re-told stories about […]